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By adrian (registered) | Posted April 02, 2014 at 12:00:49 in reply to Comment 99624

You're bang on. It is outrageous that there are roads with no sidewalks on the mountain. This is where the drive for "routine accommodation" comes from - the concept that all road users need to be accommodated as a routine part of the process when roads are designed and built.

The problems on the mountain aren't just on roads that are in more far-flung areas like Rymal. I wrote a blog post about the lack of sidewalks on one side of Fennel, in front of Mohawk, where so many people walk on the sidewalk-less side that there is a well-worn dirt path there ( Can you imagine drivers being asked to drive down an unmaintained, bumpy dirt road in the middle of the city? I sure can't.

Instead of the patch work we have, we deserve a proper master plan for the entire city

Although I'm pleased that the City is going to look at the problems on Queen, what troubles me is that it takes injuries and deaths before the City moves to act to make streets safe. Essentially, the current approach uses individual people as a kind of expendable barometer - in other words, someone has to sacrifice their life or their health before the City acts to change what we already know is a problem.

So you are absolutely right that we need more than patch work, and we do deserve a proper plan.

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