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By disappointed re J. Farr (anonymous) | Posted April 01, 2014 at 12:16:50

As I was waiting for the weather on CHML and early for something, I listened for a moment to Bill Kelly (I know, I know) when it turns out that J Farr is on discussing the Quenn St Stop Kiilin people study. Then Kelly with time-consuming qualfctn & "apology" says pedestrians have got to take care too at places like Queen & Herkimer. So J. Farr, who has impressed a lot of people and will surely run again: does he say, well now, that Queen & Herkimer corner has barely anything like a safe (or even close) crosswalk? No. He said, where I am now near Main & Caroline [I guess he was not driving, eh] there's a girl crossing and looking at phone & wering earbuds. Now, Jason, that was not the point of your effort re Queen, or your visit to Kelly's show, eh--though it was after allKelly, and he is not hired to be a moderator--it is raelly his opinion show. But Jason! Come on! The point here is city design, to not kill or injure people, right? Serves me right for listening, but now I know J Farr reverts some times to his old 820 CHAM talk right [not left] days.

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