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By UrbanMom (registered) | Posted March 31, 2014 at 20:30:00 in reply to Comment 99489

I suspect the traffic up and down Queen that turns onto Herkimer is all coming off of the Main and Aberdeen QEW exits and is all going to other mountain accesses: Jolley Cut and Claremont accesses. A fair bit of traffic sneaks up Caroline and turns onto Herkimer at rush hours, too. It's awful. But it's all through traffic.

In the mornings the Bay street traffic is horrendous. Even with a crossing guard and flashing school signs there are drivers who race between Charlton and Bond. And again, the sidewalk is right against the lane on the west side (there is parking and bollards on the east side). Walking the kids to school at 8:30am I often get the feeling that one day I'll be hit by a side mirror when a car gets a bit too close. It definitely doesn't feel safe to walk children to school.

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