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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted March 31, 2014 at 12:40:56 in reply to Comment 99470

It doesn't need to be "most people" speeding to pose a big risk to the community.

The 2002 Traffic Study found that 40% exceeded the legal limit of 50km/h (i.e. maximum motorists are legally allowed to travel), and 200 motorists per day exceeded 65 km/h on Herkimer, Charlton and Bay. Remember that even the legally allow fastest speed of 50km/h is already risky for a location next to a playground!

Anyone going faster than 65 km/h is a huge risk!

At 200 per day, evenly distributed over these three roads, you would expect roughly 65 per day, or about 4 per hour if the speeding was evenly distributed over 18 hours. Most people won't spend an hour watching the sign, which is why the city uses automatic sensors that collect data over several weeks to get a true picture.

It would be great to update the 2002 data, but as someone who has lived on Herkimer or Charlton since 1998, I haven't noticed traffic slowing down significantly. And there is no reason to expect it would.

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