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By missy2013 (registered) - website | Posted March 28, 2014 at 11:41:15

What I'm trying to get at is the 'use' of our human imagination. The gaming industry caters to - and cultivates - a stereotypical 'male psyche', one that is heavy on the violence & 'dominance'. It is shaping and has shaped male imaginations. The gaming sphere (amplified with newly devised 'goggles') deliberately cultivates a narcissistic extremist craving.

Billion dollar contrivances that are capturing and taking hold of the male mind in this way ultimately influence the rest of the world. Subsequently, this shaped 'mind set' trickles into societal interactions. It enters our politics, our sexual relations and our families. ... Consider that drones are now 'real'.

The opposition to this billion dollar imposition is, currently, quite small. But there are those who realize that this direction - this use of our human imagination - is really not that good for us, that this dominating exploitative over-bearing 'mind set' has got to change ...

Tara Krebs is a living example of a different kind of approach.

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