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By StephenBarath (registered) | Posted March 28, 2014 at 10:33:29 in reply to Comment 99287

Very few conservatives have publically expressed support for road tolls in Ontario lately, unfortunately. John Moore is a radio host on CFRB and writes for the National Post on occasion; he has what some might call “good conservative credentials”. This is an article of his from last year that is worth checking out, directly speaking to the sensibility of road tolls to help solve the GTHA’s traffic challenges: He references both C.D. Howe and Fraser. It is put well, particularly the final line: “Road tolls aren’t a liberal shakedown, they are a common-sense conservative means of charging users the real cost of a government service.”

As for C.D. Howe and Fraser directly speaking to the Big Move, Fraser near the beginning of the “revenue tools” discussion expressed qualified support for HOT lanes; I’m not sure that either spoke publically specifically about the “revenue tools” being considered, but both have supported in the past road tolls and congestion charges, as in Justin’s links above.

Very difficult for many conservative-minded types in Ontario right now. One party doesn’t understand the huge costs that have resulted from externalizing them to drivers; the other two are spendthrifts in other areas, but “get” the need for reducing incentives to driving, and seemed until recently to get that we should pay for important investments with sustainable revenue, not debt.

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