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By JustinJones (registered) - website | Posted March 28, 2014 at 09:49:05 in reply to Comment 99285

See my response above - I agree with your comments. I painted with too broad a brush, and should have been more specific in what types of people I was calling out. This is aimed at Councillors who insist on getting "value for the dollar" for their "taxpayers" when talking about the Cannon Street Cycle Track that never asked for a full-cost accounting examination of the Aerotropolis. It's targeted at people that incite anger and create false divisions between drivers and cyclists by insisting on licensing schemes, or on charging "cycle track tolls" - an idea Scott Thompson was bandying about on his show last week. It's targeted at those commenters who keep saying that this money would have been better spent filling potholes this year, all while ignoring the fact that the reason we have so many potholes to fill is that we have too many damn lanes all over the city. So I should have been more specific, and I apologize for painting with too broad a brush. True fiscal conservatives recognize the value of these investments, because they are grounded in reality. Unfortunately, those types of conservatives are becoming increasingly rare, giving way to shrill, selfish, short-sighted views that have no basis in economic reality. Those are the people I want to target with articles like this.

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