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By JustinJones (registered) - website | Posted March 28, 2014 at 09:43:06 in reply to Comment 99282

Gotcha - sorry, I read that wrong. I suppose a lot of this stems from my misrepresentation of fiscal conservative ideology in the original post. I agree, I painted with too broad a brush. But from my experience, the most vocal voices against investing in high-quality cycling, pedestrian and transit infrastructure are the same ones that do so for reasons of "we can't afford to spend money on those things because we need to pay for our roads", and who say that they're "a waste of money". So I apologize, and I recognize that many reflective, intelligent fiscal conservatives weigh both sides of the argument against what makes good economic sense. Unfortunately, in this sort of discussion, ideology is all too often what guides decisions rather than fact.

I accept your characterization of some that identify themselves as "fiscal conservatives" while only supporting a transportation system that is both expensive and wasteful, and those are really the people that this is targeted at, not true fiscal conservatives, who understand the ROI and the business case for investing in other forms of transportation, and I apologize for painting with too broad a brush and not being specific enough in who I'm calling out. Really, they should be labelled as what they really are: fiscal hypocrites.

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