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By StephenBarath (registered) | Posted March 28, 2014 at 08:56:01 in reply to Comment 99225

I think what this person probably should have said was that this could be alienating to folks who might be conservative-minded who are also urbanists. What about conservatives who are in favour of infrastructure for active transportation? They are being challenged here to oppose it. It seems a shame that it would have to be framed that way.

In response to (a): urbanism and conservatism (fiscal and otherwise) are not competing ideals. Dense urban areas provide myriad benefits of great attraction to all different types of conservatives (they’re more efficient, and they make individuals more free, chiefly). It could be difficult for someone whose identity might partly be built around a descriptor of his opinions to hear a “challenge” aimed at people with that descriptor, and then “fail to meet that challenge” by agreeing with the antagonism (I think a challenge is antagonistic, isn’t it? If not, I think it can feel that way).

If the author of the article is expecting all members of certain groups to oppose something (particularly the issue in question), I think he vastly underestimates the diversity of the group he identifies, and risks antagonizing members of that group and losing support.

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