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By scrap (anonymous) | Posted March 27, 2014 at 17:21:07

Kevlahan, you put forward your view and I do respect your view, however it would appear that you do not want to really make change that would upset the ECONOMY, what ever that really means. I ask what is the ECONOMY, really, it is rhetorial question really. You want change, yet you seem not willing to really challenge things. So if native communities before the intrusion of white Europeans sustained all, there was no need for the almighty dollar, what exactly are you putting forward???? I do not know, however, I wonder about things when tyoung people talk about the market place and what that means. I guess after working in a trade that is soley financail for almost 25 years, I figure I know something more than the average Joe. So I guess I am asking what truly is your stance and waht are you fighting for?????

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