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By scrap (anonymous) | Posted March 27, 2014 at 15:58:03 in reply to Comment 99254

Both of these institutions are suppose to have charitable status, so they are deemed as not for profits. How can this be, these two big lobby groups which further lobby for the decline of the common good. I am amazed at the alck of common sense among those who live in this community along with me, it is sad really. Just actually what is a fiscal conservative, I mean really?? What pro business, anti union, anti people???? It drives me crazy when people post those lefties, as I know just by their comments, they fail to have any common sense and they are part of the further decline of the common good. So much for brains, I mean really now. Yes, well keep doing the same old thing, which is known fact to be destryoying the natural world, however fellow citizens think they are not affected at all. Ah, the fuedal system is well entrenched, it goes back centuries, I doubt that we will ever make headway. Why do I get the feeling we are all doomed in the long run or is it the very short run??? I leave it all to you to debate!!!!!

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