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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted March 27, 2014 at 15:40:10 in reply to Comment 99257

It's not an oversimplification at all.

You listed some positive fiscal outcomes generated by the automotive industry, which are indeed fiscal positives. There are negative ones too. Healthcare consumes those taxes. And we're not talking direct injuries, we're talking greater load on the health system as a whole, from asthma to obesity. As do so many other negatives listed in this article.

And before we once again go into the hyperbole that somehow this means roads and cars are not supposed to exist, we're talking about a re-balancing and providing more choices, my goodness how do some people translate that as eliminating the automobile industry and road network. Good grief.

Modern roads, and cars, add an incredible benefit to civilization. Sorry, but you are just absurd for suggesting that this conversation includes in its scope "roads not existing in Canada". Sorry, but it's a true statement that you were ignoring the negatives in your view. Your comments assume alternatives eliminate the auto industry. That is just not true. We just want to more effectively mitigate some of its negatives, particularly in the urban cores where people are most impacted by those negatives and in greatest numbers.

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