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By Whole Story (anonymous) | Posted March 27, 2014 at 14:40:36 in reply to Comment 99208

$15.5 Billion in direct taxes. Then all the drivers, corporations etc. who/that own trucks and cars pay their share otherwise. So, what percentage of taxpayers including corporations own cars? If the answer is 90% then there is very little subsidy, if any, coming from the non-driving public, who BTW, benefit greatly from having an automotive road network.

Also, you may be looking at gross federal numbers. A recent Conference Board of Canada study (2013 I believe) found that drivers directly pay for 90% of road costs in Ontario and 137% in Toronto.

In a big and economically diverse country, the Federal Government has paid for significant road work in areas where the traffic and the local economies could not support the road system; similar to what they did when they built the railways.

My guess is that if you look at so called public transportation you will find that the "subsidy" is far far greater. Yet you will tout, no doubt, that the greater good demands the expense. This begs the question, could you imagine a country as large and diverse as Canada without roads or the auto industry?

Lies, damn lies and statistics I guess ; )

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