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By J (registered) | Posted March 25, 2014 at 14:24:35

I drive almost as much as I walk, and almost on a weekly basis I have to adjust my driving to avoid killing a pedestrian or cyclist who is breaking the law. Many pedestrians do not obey the signals at crosswalks. Many pedestrians J-walk when they're VERY close to an intersection. Many pedestrians wait at intersections with their toes over the edge of the curb leaving no margin of error for drivers. Many cyclists drive at night with no lights, no reflectors, no helmet. Many cyclists make turns without signalling or run red lights. It seems like pedestrians and cyclists are just as carefree and ignorant of the gravity of thier situations as motorists.

The problem with motorists being desensitized by 'optional' speed limits is the same problem with pedestrians being desensitized by 'optional' common sense. The streets SHOULD be safer for pedestrians and cyclists. One day I may be the pedestrian getting hit or one day I may be the driver almost killing an old lady (I almost did a month ago and I was under the speed limit and paying attention. She was breaking the law). It's a tragedy when someone dies in such a way, but it's not constructive to demonize one party while absolving the other party of any accountability.

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