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By arienc (registered) | Posted March 24, 2014 at 09:12:23 in reply to Comment 99026

Now, now2 you are getting somewhere. I agree that walking has to be more of a priority. It is the most natural and low impact form of transport. Everybody walks. Even when you arrive at your destination in your car (or bicycle) you are a pedestrian for a part of every journey. If you're saying that we should put pedestrians above bikes in priority I fully agree with you.

However the reality is that there are enough resources to support pedestrians and also enhance opportunities for cycling if we reallocate a small fraction of the resources we are using to subsidize driving. I have no issue with subsidizing roads, they provide significant benefit to society. However if we are going to use our tax dollars efficiently, we should only do so once we've maximized the potential of the other transportation methods available.

One other benefit of the Cannon bike lanes is they will make it much more comfortable for people to walk on the south side, as the sidewalk is right beside the existing traffic lane where observed speeds frequently exceed 70 km/h. Removing this traffic lane is a necessity to provide some semblance of comfort for pedestrians.

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