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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted March 23, 2014 at 09:32:15 in reply to Comment 98990

It is unfortunate that you can't get over your mindset that bikes are non contributors, but really irrelevant since it's not true. Driving costs a lot. More money to spend when you're not driving. The money still gets spent (and taxed). Yes, that simple. And they don't smash giant holes in the road so the city saves money too, cheaper maintenance. The more basic point is that people who can't drive have cycling available as an option, if they choose it. Advanced societies work this way. I don't see turnstiles at the park for when you take your dog for a walk to crap on the grass.

Since cyclists almost don't exist in your worldview, then the mighty automotive industry has nothing to fear.

No one has proposed that allowing people to cycle will cause the automobile to be replaced entirely, as you suggest.

No one has proposed kicking anyone off transit and forcing them to ride bikes, as you suggest.

Don't get me wrong bike lanes that we have else where with no on going operating cost are at least tolerable.

Aha, gleaning more clues to your mindset. Perhaps you're upset at the idea of snow removal in the winter, which is adding a good chunk of that bill. Actually this concern I share. The "enhanced" maintenance of the lanes on other routes did not make them usable, but I have no idea what they spent on what looks like absolutely nothing.

See, you are capable of raising a good point. Stop the fake hysteria out of nothing, and debate honestly. It is counterproductive to any goods points that may find themselves buried in your otherwise (sorry) very uninformed and ignorant rants. You are entitled to your opinion, but cycling is known to be a valuable part of transportation options in a city, and that it is why infrastructure is getting built.

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