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By now2 (registered) | Posted March 23, 2014 at 04:25:24 in reply to Comment 98984

Bikes contribute virtually zip to the economy. Over 500, 000 people live in Hamilton . Less than one present will event attempt to ride their bicycle in the winter. just a small stretch of bike lane over $180000 dollars for removing windrows. My guess is no more than 100 people will use it in the winter. What a waste of tax dollars. How can you take active cyclist seriously when they what everyone else to foot the bill. Use lame excuse about cost for cars. Bikes will never replace the automobile will never ever have the positive social economic benefit that cars provide. Maybe we should dump the public transit and force people to use a bike. Let's consider people with disabilities, seniors, young children they would just have to watch the bikes pass them bye. What a joke. How can I say this respectfully, you want it then you pay for it. It is not a service that a city is required to provide. Don't get me wrong bike lanes that we have else where with no on going operating cost are at least tolerable.

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