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By fmurray (registered) | Posted March 22, 2014 at 11:18:57

@now 2 (Or are you really LOL in disguise?):

Where the heck do you get the idea that cyclists are freeloaders? Truly, I PAY TAXES. I own a house - property tax, I work - income tax, I drive - all of the related auto taxes. Road allowances are for ALL USERS, including cyclists and pedestrians. The entitlement factor is only held by people who exclusively drive in the form of "My car is costing me a shitload of money so get out of my way all of you other losers". Cycling infrastructure adds value to the city as a whole. If there was a cycling lane proposed for Garth or Mohawk (which would be very good for those streets), I would support the initiative, although it's unlikely I myself would ever use them. Why? Because an uninterrupted cycling network is needed to get more people cycling which leads to lower maintenance costs and better health (and plus I'm not usually a selfish jerk). Sometimes you have to support projects that don't benefit you directly because every city project does not benefit EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE CITY.

And my final point is: Even if I was unemployed, didn't own property and didn't have a car, I would still be a CITIZEN of this city and would have a say in municipal priorities. Your rights as a TAXPAYER do not trump anyone else's rights as a CITIZEN.

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