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By now2 (registered) | Posted March 22, 2014 at 02:21:23

Here we go again, small specifically designed area with a pedestrian focus is not representative of 99.9 percent of the cities around the world. wonder why ;)The point i was making is the silly cost comparison. how much do bikes contribute to our GDP / commerce. i rest my case. So do not suggest there is not real value in roadways that accommodate cars. Do not make the argument cars cost more money for infrastructure when you do not take into consideration the real value. Lastly do not think taxpayers have deep pockets so they can spend significant money on something that serves so few. The fact that cyclist want want want but are not prepared to financially assist says it all. You just want to eat everyone else's lunch. Meanwhile the city has roads crumbling ,areas with no sidewalks recreation centres that need repair, bridges that need to be replaced, hey lets spend 1.6 million for a four klm stretch of bike lane with an on going operating cost. Cant wait until the stats are in and the credibility of all those that supported this waste of spending will lose all credibility on any stance they take. Enjoy it now it may not last! if If i am wrong which i doubt, i will personally apologize on this very site.

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