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By mrjanitor (registered) | Posted March 19, 2014 at 15:11:32

I support LRT as the best option.

However I also support BRT as the next best option.

Pro-LRT supporters and politicians are applying logic to their arguments, the anti-LRT politicians are using emotions to win the day. Emotion usually trumps logic, whether you like it or not. LRT benefits seems abstract and distant to many suburban voters, they haven't yet been convinced to FEEL that they will also benefit from the project. 5 year time-line, 10 years before the proposed development that follows LRT will occur (in an area where they don't venture), no benefits to themselves, seemingly unprovable promises of less cars on the road, it's all distant and abstract... however correct and right the LRT project is. Increased taxes however, provide an immediate and emotional response, especially when you can't feel or conceive the benefit of them. The LRT lobby has to figure out a way to positively engage Mountain and Suburban residents, a downtown first upgrade is not achieving that. It is my personal feeling and opinion that the only way we will get political buy-in for transit spending upgrades locally is by including the Mountain and Suburbs in those shorter term capital plans, 15-20 year promises are not going to excite and engage the people that live there to vote for a pro-LRT politician.

I am fully supporting LRT until the results of the next Provincial and Municipal elections come in. After those results, I feel Hamilton may need to press the re-set button on it's transit upgrade spending plans, or we may be able to start breaking ground. Let's see what players are left on the field after those two ballots, we may get lucky.

P.S. Converting BRT to LRT is not a simple process. If BRT is built, only expect it to remain BRT.

P.S.S. One advantage of BRT is that the BRT dedicated lane can be accessed and exited by other bus routes. It does give many more transfer-free routing options.

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