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By JMcgreal (registered) | Posted March 19, 2014 at 09:13:43

Visit Hamilton Transit History tells it all. We missed the Transit Move in 1983. -1960 Hamilton Transit starts a Plan ICTS Intermediate Capacity Transit System -Aug.21 1980Ham/Went agrees to the Plan Cost $115 mil. Funding get this Fereral 45% ,Prov. 45%, Hamilton 10% -March 1981 Public open meeting & survey 50,000 homes 57% support ICTS / 26% oppose /13% undecided -1983 Mayo Vic Copps Dream Transit .Voted down by Council (was T.Jackson around at the Time ?) The Ambitious City (LOL) 50yrs. later Transit ,Street Car Rail/Trolley Bus / Buses Cars and Congestion Kenilworth.Sheman cut, Clarmount,Linc/Red Hill Parkway decided thanks CAtch D.McLean -2014 LRT ? Why B-Line Eastgate to McMaster 20-23 minutes cost $2.00 -A-Line Airport/Mohawk loop/ City Hub 18-19 minutes Cost $2.00 Think outside the box for LTR OR Mono Rail System Connecting around the City Airport Hub A-Line to City Hub Airport /West ward 11to 15 to Waterdown GO station Airport EastWards 11to8 Centennial Parkway to Eastgast B-Line /Go Station Gets have made Hamilton Transit as Ministry of transportation Stated

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