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By notlloyd (registered) - website | Posted March 18, 2014 at 20:06:24

I read a recent article in the National Post comparing our Provincial economic situaiton with that of California. California by virtue of its consitution is nearly bankrupt. Yet, they pay 2.8% of revenue in interest on their debt and their debt ratio is about 21% of GDP. Ontario by contrast pays 5.1% of revenue in interest and has a GDP to debt ratio greater than 52%. We are in financial crisis.

Next to Quebec we pay the highest taxes. Hamilton's municipal taxes based on value are amongst the highest in the whole world. The cupboard is bare and unless we reign in our education, medical and general public service costs, there is no money for filling potholes let alone LRTs. Rallies will do little in this environment.

We have raped our previosuly admirable electrical system. We allow our govenrment to flagarantly waste money on boondoggles and near fraudulent schemeing without consequence. We need to have hard discussions on how our money is spent.

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