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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted March 17, 2014 at 11:06:17

I share deep concern that dangerous driving, and driver error causing injury, is not taken seriously enough.

It seems like police take it seriously and do their best, but burden of proofs are high. This is a good thing per due process of course, but yes indeed we have a culture where killing someone with your vehicle is almost seen as no big deal. Insurance fixes your car, pays off the widow, raises your rate, you have a court date, and get right back behind the wheel and on with your life. After leaving someone dead. Disturbing.

My friend, who lives at the corner of Charlton and Wentworth, says the barrier has not been fixed and cars are still speeding around that corner. The drunk who killed a nice person there, will be out in less than 5 years. He was driving while disqualified this time, so why would a lifetime driving ban deter him afterward. The guy driving a pickup who left a 30 year old in a pool of blood at Barton and Sherman, probably just has to show up in court to fight his careless driving charge, and it will be thrown out.

I don't have the answers but feel concern. Abroad, people stop if they see me even looking to cross. I even feel a flash of guilt when that happens, because I'm accustomed to GTA road culture.

I concur with raising speed limits on the highways with strict enforcement of safe passing laws, and increasing responsibility for driver error.

I concur with lowering speed limits in urban areas and increasing responsibility for driver error, certainly in cases of just abysmally pitiful driver excuses like this article's example.

While we banter around our opinions and such, everyone stay safe and courteous.

(edit: what I would actually like to see on highways is electronic variable speed limits for congestion control, but with higher "free flowing dry road" speed limits).

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