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By Lerfy (registered) | Posted March 03, 2014 at 21:19:39 in reply to Comment 97954

1 ) as a business owner, this is BS. Taxes don't worry me, it's having access to customers and access to a good pool of skilled workers who can afford lower wages than in Toronto because the real estate's cheaper.

2 ) Highway 6 was helpful, RHVP was a waste -- there were better proposals that could have done the same thing and not cost taxpayers tons of money in legal junk that's still going on, and not cost us what was one of the best hiking and biking destinations in Southern Ontario. We can never undo that.

3 ) Yes, yes, and yes. Ecdev in Hamilton is first rate.

4 ) See 3)

5 ) See 4)

and in the second set...

  1. Helps a lot.
  2. Still haven't found any use for the airport. I have my doubts it will ever grow in its current state, or in any larger state for as long as Pearson is so quick to get to on the 407.
  3. What mythical cities are you dreaming up that don't have those?

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