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By Steve (registered) | Posted February 27, 2014 at 10:43:37 in reply to Comment 98007

Depends if you count the Nation's space as rentable area for all those years, which I don't as it was removed from rentable area and closed from access. Saying a mall is 25% vacant conjures up the vision of 'For Lease' signs in every 4th store front and that certainly hasn't been the case in JS in the last number of years.

Even so, his 25% vacant comment is at least 8 months out of date, 18 months from announce date of Nations Foods locating in JS.

Also, his comment about a house worth $1.5M in Toronto could be had for $250K is about 5 - 6 years out of date. Marvin even corrected him with the $350K number which is far more accurate.

I won't argue that there's a way to go in Hamilton, especially on the primary streets, but I thought he showed ignorance for a guy who likes to promote the fact he was raised in Hamilton and visits and who's brother is a developer.

Again maybe that's his interview style to foster discussion, but my guess his visits to Hamilton are focused primarily on Ancaster/Dundas areas and not James North, Locke, Ottawa Street, etc.

Heck, he threw out Hess Village as a his prime example of rejuvenation in the downtown area. With that I rest my case.

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