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By Joshua (registered) | Posted February 10, 2014 at 22:18:48 in reply to Comment 97538

Metrolinx's union-busting and the flexibility of buses were noted by drivers of the Hamilton Street Railway, so those phrases were conveyances of received opinions; it's good to get some clarity about the picture of light-rail transit on the ground. As for light-rail transit's inflexibility, wouldn't it be better to have a transit system that remains somewhat flexible, bending to the dictates of urban planning and population densities as needed? It'd be something akin to the re-purposing of schools for communal uses, I suppose. Regarding private investment and light-rail transit, how are fears alleviated regarding a lack of public over-sight and responsibility or the creation of a transit monopoly? I'm thinking, for example, of the privatisation of Canadian National Rail in 1995 and the accompanying invulnerability to Freedom of Information requests because of that privatisation. Thanks, again, for the clarifications on light-rail.

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