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By Joshua (registered) | Posted February 10, 2014 at 19:09:18

I should preface these reasons by stating that they're my memory of two conflated conversations between myself and a driver for the Hamilton Street Railway; anecdotal evidence is rarely admissible as premises to an argument, but here we go, all the same:

First of all, Metrolinx is a corporation bent on breaking unions, as it's done in other, smaller municipalities. Hamilton remains, to this point, untouched, as they have a large and difficult amalgamated transit union. Aspects of the story, published in 2011, are available at Does the fact that it is a Crown corporation, subject to public over-sight, make any difference in this regard? Second, buses are much more flexible on the roads, able to move around accidents, break-downs, and itinerant cyclists. (Bear in mind: this reason was given by a driver of the Hamilton Street Railway, who may have a vested interest in keeping more buses on the road over fewer street-cars and, consequently, fewer drivers.)

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