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By TheDude (registered) | Posted February 08, 2014 at 23:30:38 in reply to Comment 97482

I worked for Building and Licensing as a co-op student when I was in university, about 10 years ago. Let's put some myths to bed: - Inspectors can _never, ever_ be co-op students. They must be a graduate of a college/university program and demonstrate a knowledge of what they are doing. - An OTC never says that you must demolish something, it says that you must fix it or if it is beyond repair that a request for a demo permit must be submitted. - Pearlst, you sound like you're upset about having to get a permit to fix something. Trust me, they don't deliberately go out of their way to charge you money that isn't necessary. Like a lot of city jobs, the inspectors are just following the laws and bylaws. I do need to ask, though, are you a structural engineer? Do you know what is structural and what isn't?

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