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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted February 01, 2014 at 10:27:29 in reply to Comment 97340

I think the clusters Jason is referring to are clusters of three buses on the same route - the first bus stops at every stop to pick passengers up, and the second and third only have to stop when they are dropping people off, so by the time they get from the east end to mcmaster, they've caught up with the lead bus.

The real solution here is to have higher order transit on the king corridor. I have been taking the bus more than usual lately, and the difference in ridership between king and every other route is astronomical. The king buses are a terrible user experience - almost always over capacity. Everything happens slower as large groups shuffle around the bus to let even larger groups on and off. Everything grinds to a halt if someone with a mobility device - whether a scooter or a walker - needs to get on or off... If someone's presto card doesn't work, the driver has to deal with fare issues... all of these problems disappear when you implement level loading light rail, and every connecting route benefits from no more missed connections.

Let's just get on with it already

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