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By jason (registered) | Posted February 01, 2014 at 00:08:15

A couple very simple ideas that would help enormously:

  • Another bus only lane on James from York to Hunter
  • A bus only lane on John from Hunter to King (we don't need left turn lanes at Jackson)
  • King St bus only lane should go from the Delta to Paradise
  • Main St can easily house a bus lane from Cootes to the Delta

It's time for some express routes in Hamilton. I'm sure folks can come up with various options, but here's a few:

  • 403express: via 403 starting at Ancaster Business Park, stop at the Meadowlands (a park and ride should be developed here), exit Aberdeen with stops at MIP and McMaster.
  • QEWexpress: start at above mentioned park&ride in Meadowlands, stop on Upper James (sheltered A-Line stop should be coordinated at Linc), stop at Limeridge Mall (park and ride should be developed), exit Dartnall with stops at Anchor (Carmens), Meadowlands East, head north on RHVP, stop at Queenston (B-line stop), stop at Barton (GO park&ride), QEW to new power centre w/ GO Station, to Eastgate Sq (Centennial has room for widening for bus-only lanes)

Keep in mind that along the 403, Linc and perhaps even Red Hill there is room for buses to have the right shoulder as transit-only lanes. These would be true express routes connecting massive portions of the city, and linking up massive portions of the city with the A and B-Lines.

Before anyone gasps at the cost to implement these ideas, consider we are more than willing to toss $50 million for a completely unnecessary clover-leaf at Hwy 5&6.

Personally I believe that the above mentioned bus lanes, park and rides and express routes would see a massive surge in transit ridership. I know people who live downtown and use transit to trek out to the Ancaster Business Park everyday. What a painful trip that curently is. Yet we have direct freeway access.

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