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By canadiandaveneedstobesaved (anonymous) | Posted January 30, 2014 at 15:57:28

I hear all this discussion about studies that show inclusion is best for all students, etc, etc....did the fellow who came up with the study ever visit Parkview to see what was happening there? Are there other schools in Ontario like Parkview for this study to compare? With Parkview, the Board has an opportunity to be ground-breaking in the way to service students with learning needs (hate this 'special needs' label). The need to stop treating it as if it is a cancer that needs to be eliminated, and see the good it has provided. with the Board taking ownership of Parkview and putting money into resources it could be a model of education for the neediest of students for the whole of the province. Stop trying to cut it out...nurture and develop it and it can be great.

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