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By jason (registered) | Posted January 24, 2014 at 14:26:10 in reply to Comment 97154

I think both are necessary. My street is a very narrow two-way. You must pull over and let oncoming cars pass. Yet short-cutters still hit 70km every single day here. It's downright scary. To Pxtl - yes, people coming up Queen seem to think it's faster to bomb through here to Locke and then right on King, instead of just turning onto King from Queen. My dream scenario, which would require neighbour support, would be to make Peter St a 'no entry' from Queen. Build a bumpout and only allow traffic to exit Peter onto Queen. Last fall I went outside for a few rounds of watching the traffic on Peter. Of the 25 cars I saw turn onto Peter from Queen over a 3-day period of watching, all of them but 2 went all the way to Locke and turned left heading to King. I'd like humps on Locke N, Peter, Napier, Florence, Pearl and Ray eventually. Florence, Peter and Locke seem to be the most pressing initially though.

Florence is a beauty. People come off York at Dundurn or Strathcona and blast all the way down Florence and either get back on York at Ray, or jog over to Peter and onto Queen. It's remarkable watching people drive like lunatics...and scary for all the parents in the neighbourhood.

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