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By jason (registered) | Posted January 24, 2014 at 11:41:06 in reply to Comment 97141

The York bike lanes are going to be separated lanes taking up a full lane each way on York. As you know, York is currently 2 lanes each way west of Dundurn, and 2 lanes eastbound past Hess. This will connect the bike lanes on either side by using excess lane capacity. The lanes already approved will be protected bike lanes. I suspect that somewhere around Hess/Caroline the protected lane will slim down to meet up with the current painted bike lane, and the two vehicle lanes will angle towards the south side of the street, with the left turn lane onto Bay being a typical turning lane that one must shift over into, instead of simply being part of a general lane that suddenly goes left like it is now. Westbound, the plan is to connect the protected Cannon St lanes with the new York lanes probably at Hess, and shift to the north curb west of Hess.

Alley improvements are also a great item, but personally I hope we go easy with paving them. We need less hard surfaces in the city, not more.

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