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By ThereIsOnlyOneGod (anonymous) | Posted January 17, 2014 at 20:52:27

All of this, that is gain through interest, or more properly, 'usury' has to stop.

To charge interest is essentially to profit from someone's need, which is, plainly, immoral.

If there is doubt that without a penalty the loan will not be repaid, then don't loan money out in the first place, or consider other ways to be repaid.

We are literally killing the planet, to pay off interest on debts. The amazon forest is being cut down, people can't breath, to pay off interest.

These cash money places, and their counterparts, the big banks should be seen as nothing other than criminal entities robbing the people, "banksters".

How is it they keep reporting record earnings whereas there's a disappearing middle class in this country. We need to wake up.

Usury is a sin in all major world traditions. Before any anti-religion folks get up in arms about the word sin, note in refers to 'missing the mark' in Old English, and is generally understood to be something that entails harm.

Interest is a great sin. Indeed there is great harm because of it.

Hamilton will truly be a model place if it can rid itself of these cash money places, and even challenge the corporate banking structures. Just because things are the way they are today doesn't mean they always were, or that they can't be changed.

Go to "'. We can and must do this my dear brothers and sisters in humanity.

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