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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted January 16, 2014 at 07:41:17 in reply to Comment 96835

This is an amazing talk. This is their Mayor saying these things:

I came to the conclusion that we had built an incredible quality of life ... if you happened to be a car. But if you happened to be a person, you were combating the car seemingly at every turn.

You could literally get a speeding ticket during rush hour in Oklahoma City.

We revisited some inner city situations where we had built neighborhoods, we had built schools, but we had not connected the two.

We had wide streets. You pushed the button to cross, then had to run to get across in time. Now we've narrowed the streets, highly landscaped them

Along with the traditional economic development tasks, we added some health related infrastructure to the process. We added a new Central Park 70 acres in size to be right downtown. We're building a downtown streetcar, to try and help the walkability formula for people who choose to live in the inner city, and to help the density there.

Incredible. I want Mr. Cornett for Hamilton Mayor 2014. I want to better understand how to vote in order to get the person closest to these values.

I noticed something as Mr. Cornett progressed through his description of the process. His "we're losing a million pounds" campaign was brilliantly executed, but it reveals the root of the success - the community and employers got engaged in the effort! His intelligent leadership then provided the tools and got it done. And he sold this transformation by calling what it is ... "health infrastructure". Awesome.

One concern I have is that Hamilton's idea of "health infrastructure" is to keep business booming at our hospitals and cancer centers. Keeping our streets dangerous and coated in diesel exhaust. Good for Hamilton's main industry. Hopefully that's just crazy talk and no such situation exists :)

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