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By LeanneP (anonymous) | Posted January 08, 2014 at 23:02:48

There is another problem with the Herkimer and Caroline light: the light only stops traffic going east on Herkimer. There is no light or signal of any kind for the traffic on Caroline wanting to turn onto Herkimer. These drivers wait for a long time for breaks in the very heavy rush hour traffic. Because Herkimer is a one-way, they have their heads turned westward watching the oncoming traffic for breaks. They rarely if ever check for pedestrians on the east corner.

When you are pedestrian crossing at that light, you run the risk of getting hit whether you cross with or against the light. People in the neighbourhood will be all too familiar with the lines of waiting traffic, quite aggressive, too, on both those streets.

My sons and I are nearly hit about a half dozen times a year attempting to cross at that corner. The entire design is awful. There really should be a no left hand turn signal when the pedestrian signal is in effect.

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