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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted January 08, 2014 at 17:15:41

I've never contacted the city before for a traffic request. Who do I contact to see about the traffic light at Dundurn and Aberdeen? I have to run a red light at least once a month because of the sensor not changing the light. Despite that intersection being on an explicit bike route. Sigh, why such a dumb oversight. (A bit off topic, but as good a time as any to find out who to contact. I don't live in that ward so I don't know if their councilor is the right person to contact.)

As for the placebo cross button - at some intersections I've crossed during a break in traffic long before the button changes the light. After I'm done crossing, then the light changes and stops a fresh wave of cars at some piddly sidestreet, no longer for any reason. A weakness of signal-or-nothing crossings that PXOs and courtesy crossings don't share. The trick is, like other cities have done, to discern which crossings are busy enough for signalized crossings, and which crossings are better suited to PXO/courtesy. Win for people crossing, and for traffic flow.

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