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By not a fan (anonymous) | Posted December 20, 2013 at 16:17:06

I have to disagree with the "new and improved" Tom Yum soup. I have gone to the old Ben Tanh for years, and the soup has been consistently amazing for all that time. I have frequented the other Ben Tanh's as in the one in Burlington and even one that used to be in North York. The one thing that was always different was the Tom Yum soup, they all put tomatoes in it and that ruined the soup's flavour in my opinion. I kept coming back to the Cannon street location and was never disappointed. I have been to the new location and all of a sudden, there are those tomatoes. I guarantee this is a different chef, frankly, all the staff is different. I almost feel it is an entirely different restaurant. I miss the old location and will not go back to the new one, in my opinion, they ruined the whole thing just for the sake of a classy looking place.

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