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By jason (registered) | Posted December 18, 2013 at 22:54:16 in reply to Comment 96122

Hamilton is the only city I can find that is so vehemently clinging to dangerous, out-dated and community destroying streets like ours. Some cities are incredible leaders in revitalizing old streets and neighbourhoods, while others are perhaps more cautious but still working hard on making the obvious and necessary changes. We're truly an ambitious city - the only one fighting against logic, demographic changes, vibrancy, safe community, research, business investment etc.... just so we can cling to a 1950's road system that the very company who proposed it doesn't even believe in, or recommend anymore during their consultations.

Suburbs like the ones spoken about in this article are perfect candidate for low-cost transformation into shared streets. Save the money on sidewalks, and instead install speed humps, lower speed limits and signage indicating that bikes, pedestrians, kids playing and cars must safely co-exist in the space.

Heck, even LA can figure this stuff out:

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