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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted December 12, 2013 at 10:47:25

Agreed, I think we all felt Councillor Farr and City Hall was doing too little to protect the Gore and was "asleep at the switch" last year when the demo permits were issued.

That said, I guess Farr and the rest of the city was just trying to be "reasonable" seek a middle ground, work with stakeholders, etc. rather than "dropping the hammer" on "poor" W-B, an independent businessman who has "contributed much to this city" in terms of "heritage preservation".

But in the end, I think Ryan is right, W-B's "bad" actions in opening an illegal parking lot, and trying to extort ever-increasing amounts of money out of the city pissed them off, with the result being the heritage designation we see here.

Thankfully W-B wasn't smart enough to start demolishing Gore BEFORE opening up his illegal parking lot, otherwise we might have two illegal parking lots on our hands.

My lingering concern is about any elements that may have already been removed from the facades of these buildings. I mean, they're obviously open to the weather, but in the pre-demolition process did he remove any elements that might have had heritage value?

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