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By Selway (registered) | Posted December 06, 2013 at 14:16:33 in reply to Comment 95578

There is a stoplight now at Barton and Ferguson, and some provision for cyclists that I don't understand.

Ferguson vehicular bridge and Mary Street pedestrian bridge over the tracks were designed as one project, meant to replace the vehicular bridge at Mary. During the EA, we asked the City people why they were building this enormous thing, and in particular, if they intended to widen Ferguson north of Barton. Since Ferguson runs from King all the way to Dock Service Road, a couple of blocks from Williams on the water, it seemed obvious to us that someone had an idea about getting a big new route down to the Harbour. Remember, a large residential development plus who knows what commercial is hoped for down there at piers 7 and 8. The City has always denied that it intends to change the Ferguson roadway north of Barton.

After the EA, and during the Detailed Design phase, a small stakeholder group was formed to work with the architects, including citizen reps. This went fairly well, but there was a breakdown at the construction phrase with regard to the Mary Street structure, as what was built was not the original design, and it was changed without any further consultation with the stakeholder group.

The built result is ugly by comparison with the design, but I guess the City saved a few bucks. As you point out, this thriftiness was not in evidence when the Ferguson enormity was built.

And so it goes...

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