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By GabrielN (registered) | Posted December 06, 2013 at 13:49:31

Ryan, I would like to see those numbers correlated against job losses in the last decade. If wellpaying jobs increased in those cities, that could confirm your point. If the jobs decreased, well that says something altogether.

Rob, you're a North Ender. Doesn't matter when. That's how it works. Comment on any and all issues affecting us. The chokers on the blocks between Mary/Wellington and Wood/Simcoe are unwanted by a majority of those residents, which is where the 400 signers came from. Add in a new 300 employee medical building in the future off Wellington and a bike lane down Ferguson and there will be a definite parking crunch, but I guess the 70 year olds should walk 200m+ to get to their homes.

They built the Ferguson bridge as a replacement to the Mary St bridge that used to exist. It was like a skateboard ramp; going fast enough you could get all 4 tires off the ground, and that happened frequently. Without building at Ferguson, there would be no northbound access from the east side to the neighbourhood. All the traffic would have funneled in at John/James creating more load as people made their way to the NE corner.

Pxtl, sorry that I am obnoxious.

Educate Drivers, Stop Blaming Cars.

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