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By Selway (registered) | Posted December 06, 2013 at 13:46:52 in reply to Comment 95566

There used to be a West Harbour Neighbours group and a North End Neighbourhood Association. At some point during the secondary plan study process ( I don't remember when exactly, but I was at the meeting) it was suggested that the two groups should merge so that we could deliver one message to Council. Also, it would counter the perception of a class divide between West of James and East of James. Thus we have one organization, North End Neighbours.

I don't know who these elites are supposed to be. The traffic management plan was developed by IBI group at the request of the City and the neighbourhood reps on the Community Liaison Committee was formed to work on Setting Sail. NEN liked most of the plan, which was designed to deal primarily with traffic induced by growth at the waterfront. The fear was that James and John and Burlington would become like Cannon is today. Because of all the research that had been done by north enders and by IBI, the north enders wanted to have James and Burlington made 30 K in the plan as well. We went door to door on James and Burlington to ask people about this, and they favoured it. To make a very long story short, the resolution of this at OMB was delayed twice for long periods at the city's request, not ours.

"An association should represent all, but a membership fee discourages that."

As you know, the membership fee to join NEN is two dollars ($2.00.)

"Chokers on side streets where there are no traffic issues is Just wasting taxpayers money."

Maybe. NEN and Public Works are in the process of trying to figure that out. There was discussion at the outset of implementation as to whether to do large features first and smaller ones later. Large features include two-way conversions,partial closures and some sort of island or roundabout at James and Strachan. These take comparatively large amounts of time to design and install, so it was decided to get on with the smaller measures, for those and other reasons.

" No Right turn on Simcoe is a disaster for Picton residents who now endure cut through traffic."

The right turn prohibition was put in place because of the Wellington street traffic that takes Simcoe to Ferguson when Wellington is closed for a train to pass. Wellington is a truck route, and trucks going up Strachan and then trying to turn onto Ferguson may or may not make it. Some just go right on west on Simcoe. Obviously pitting Picton residents against Simcoe residents is not helpful long term, since as a neighbourhood we face many other challenges down the road. Public Works is looking into the possibility of technically linking the No right turn signage to the track signage, maybe even with an arm ( I forget what they're called) just as at the tracks. No idea if that will happen.

Bay street bows looks like a go cart track.

Yes it does kinda. These are temporary, and good for getting drivers' attention.

As a 40 year resident who raised 4 kids who are still alive alluded to '30km is great, but the rest is not necessary'.

The rest is what will make 30 K work. Posted signage is not enough.

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