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By Selway (registered) | Posted December 06, 2013 at 12:36:53 in reply to Comment 95565

As twenty-seven year residents of the North End we are relative newcomers. The guy next door has been here more than sixty,there are lots of older people who were born here. A number of people at the meeting said that newcomers were trying to change the neighbourhood with the traffic plan. This is true, but it is changing in terms of who lives here anyway. There have been a lot of home sales over the last two-three years.

This neighbourhood is still bitter over the urban renewal attack that occurred in the sixties. People were forced out of their homes and about 400 buildings were cleared, most of them houses. Every time we have a well attended meeting down here, this comes up. And that's why I have trouble with the "common good" argument that comes up when change is proposed, and why I despise arguments that dismiss resistance to change as "NIMBY ism". The point of the traffic plan is to protect the neighbourhood from high volumes going to planned new development at the water - not stop that traffic, but moderate it. But I understand how people can be very suspicious of anything coming out of City Hall. Consider this: Setting Sail, the secondary plan for the area, which included Barton Ferguson and Barton Tiffany, states that there will be no expropriation. The City put people out of their houses on Barton and Tiffany, and then halted the project for which they were sacrificed. This is not good planning.

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