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By Selway (registered) | Posted December 06, 2013 at 11:53:17 in reply to Comment 95561

Yes, almost everyone supports the 30K, but because many don't pay attention until the end (after all, how many city projects get studied and never realized, how many big announcements are followed with nothing for years) they haven't followed along and haven't been thinking about what's required to change driver's habits. A sign won't do it. Many people say,we have the 30K just enforce it, without wondering if the police would ever devote the necessary resources to it. They for sure can't and won't. It remains the case also that there will always be a small percentage of drivers who speed no matter what. No amount of traffic calming or policing stops them.

To the end of October, police, using a "Problem Oriented Policing approach" ( wonder what they call the alternative approaches) issued 400 warnings to drivers exceeding 30 K., and issued 70 provincial offense notices.

This information is from a Public Works staff report on implementation so far which was to be delivered at GIC on Wednesday, but which was tabled.

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