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By Selway (registered) | Posted December 06, 2013 at 11:31:25 in reply to Comment 95559

Ask council to lift the moratorium. The likely response will be to refer the request to staff, who will likely say that 30K posted limits must be accompanied by physical changes in the roadway to be effective, and that these should be planned on a neighbourhood wide basis. But who knows? Ask.

That meeting in the North End was arranged by the councillor primarily to get resident response on the issue of whether to declare the green space at the corner of Strachan and Bay surplus to city needs and put it up for sale, for development as low-density residential. The traffic plan got added so that he could hear comments on those parts of the plan that have been put in place so far. Those include 30 K signage, conversion of MacNab to two way, temporary markings for bump outs and chokers on Bay, Strachan and MacNab, a no right turn sign at Wellington and Simcoe, and, two days ago, closure of Burlington to west bound traffic at James.

Parking is the number one issue in the City of Hamilton with which people will actually engage. Nothing else even comes close. Installation of bump outs and chokers was accompanied by some new parking restrictions. People on MacNab and Bay are not happy about them. Hopefully Public Works will respond to that, but contrary to what you are assuming, no promises on specifics were made. This is a large project with many components to be implemented over a five year period, and is a learning process for everybody. Presumably Public Works will recognize that rigidity endangers acceptance of the plan as a whole.

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