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By RobF (registered) | Posted December 06, 2013 at 01:03:27 in reply to Comment 95574

Ryan's right. Younger people are driving less and buying fewer cars. It can only be partially explained by lack of funds. Though again, it's priorities as you say. Yes, it's still a practical necessity given the way the region is setup for many of us to drive to work. I'm not foolish enough to believe otherwise. But given the choice between a second car and buying a home or condo, many of us are choosing to avoid that second car and reduce how much we need to drive. The money saved isn't trivial and can be used productively ... RESPs for the kids, TFSAs for emergencies and major expenses, RRSPs so you don't end up eating cat food in retirement (don't expect CPP and OAS to keep you comfortable). We should be working to make driving less or going car-less a viable option ... just because it isn't possible for everyone to do it doesn't mean its a "luxury" to walk, cycle, or take transit. Or that these are choices of last resort.

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