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By GabrielN (registered) | Posted December 05, 2013 at 22:58:05 in reply to Comment 95572

Fewer people having cars is not a matter of choice for most people. Funds available is the major factor in car ownership. Increasing taxes, overbearing hydro bills, rising food costs all factor in. We know the struggles of the young people today.

In 2000 there was 1 car in Ontario for every 4.8 people. In 2006 there was 1 car in Ontario for every 4.42 people.

That arc, although not highly scientific, shows an increase in vehicles. If MNR releases updated stats, one day we'll know if this trend continues, as I suspect it does -

And I'm waiting for a living wage, because what 16 year old won't be able to afford a vehicle then? Living wage will be the worst thing to happen to public transit.

Cars are here. And more are coming. We need to go back to the driver education. Privatizing licensing is probably the number 1 reason we have such an issue with cars. Not cars, but drivers. If we could go back to the drawing board, and create drivers like somehow they do out in Alberta, that respect pedestrians first and foremost, all of this expensive window dressing is a moot point.

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