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By GabrielN (registered) | Posted December 05, 2013 at 22:31:47 in reply to Comment 95569

HAHA!! you're the jerk. It was implemented to discourage that exact activity. Except now people are turning thru at Picton when they see a train, doubling and tripling the time in the neighbourhood. It's not a detour Pxtl. Sit for five minutes and wait for the train to clear so you can stay on Wellington.

And Rob, there are people in this neighbourhood who are against people from outside driving through to get to the waterfront. We may be for it, but they are steadfast against it.

More and more people have cars. 1 car, 2 cars. It's the way of life. Not everyone has the luxury of a life where they can 'walk downtown' for all their needs. The neighbourhood has experienced an influx of people from all over. The North End, as it is welcomes them all. Nobody like the chokers and bumpouts, they are not necessities. They are expensive. 400 people signed a petition to that effect, so it's not just my words. Priorities.

The North End was child and family friendly long before the wasteful expenditure to put up signs stating this fact. What neighbourhoods in Hamilton are not?

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