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By RobF (registered) | Posted December 05, 2013 at 20:35:52 in reply to Comment 95566

I don't care whether people from Ancaster/Dundas drive in the North End. I just think the street design should discourage thru traffic from using side streets as a short-cut. As has already been mentioned posting new 30km/h signs alone is wishful thinking. I pay taxes and don't think "the rest" is a waste of money. For those of us that walk, cycle, and so forth in the North End (in addition to driving when need be) the bump-outs and chokers are functional, not window dressing. I do think that we need to work with city staff to ensure that the traffic plan (final street configuration, new signage (no stopping and turning signs), bump-outs, and chokers) works as intended without causing undue hardship on specific residents or blocks. No right turn on Simcoe hasn't been a disaster for residents on Simcoe East, which runs from Wellington to James North. I get that some cut-thru traffic may be using Picton ... they can put a no right turn sign on Picton too if that's the case. That would be preferable to turning Simcoe back into a race-track.

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